Children of World War II Veterans

Many men return home from World War II in a mental and spiritual maze. However, it’s clear that many of them, all shapes, sizes, colors and backgrounds, had one thing on their mind. And that was to do what ever was necessary to make sure that this type of war never happen again……

Some men prayed, I am sure, others begin to write, some went into politics and others begin to participate in the conception of children, for the future, that would help prevent this type of event from ever happening again.

We are sure each solder understood different aspects of the war from different points of view. How much the American solider understood about the war, that he was tossed into, we may never know.

Surely the efforts made by these brave men cannot be forgotten. For if we forget then we are destine to repeat.

The bottom line for many of us, who are children of World War II veterans, is to ensure that our children never have to experience what our fathers went through. We remember our fathers speaking about the war and the far out look in his eyes when he recalled the death of those around him. We remember him saying, that war had changed his life and in the end, a small part of him was with his enemies and a small part of his enemy was with him. He did not return home alone.

As the years passed, his children, I am sure reminded him of his enemies at times. For many veterans, who understood, I am sure this was disturbing. Yet for many more, they understood that his children could make the difference in the future.

There is an old saying, “A man’s deeds visits his child” We have been visited. We understand democracy, we understand the value of democracy and we understand what it would mean not to have a choice. We understand the battle that our fathers have fought and we understand that it is a battle that is being fought over and over again, mentally and spiritually, throughout the world.

We also understand that if our father’s efforts are forgotten, then this nation may need to repeat the lessons.

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