World War II Veterans are currently dying at a rate of about 1000 per day. Time is running out to get their stories before they are gone.

Ken Burns, a well-known documentary producer, highlighted veterans in his 2007 film entitled “The War.” Many people across the country have worked to preserve stories of additional veterans.

One such person is Fremont Gruss, an 84 year-old WWII veteran who is also the historian of American Legion Post 259 from Excelsior, Minnesota. Fremont made arrangements for the veterans in his post to have transportation and assistance to attend the dedication.

Fremont GrussFremont realized that most of the veterans did not have their stories recorded for posterity. Ken Burns was working on his huge television project, but Fremont knew that these men had stories that were just as important. Fremont made arrangements to have twenty-seven men meet and be recorded. Two dates were chosen, August 23, 2007 and March 20, 2008.

Since the recordings, two of the men have already passed away. Thanks to Fremont Gruss, these men were able to leave a legacy for their families and our country. “Before We Go,” the seven-volume video set is available for order through Digital Teardrops for $15 per video or $70 for the entire set.

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